WinRice Turns Two

WinRice Turns Two

Reflections on WinRice turning two years old.

A Bit of History

When Microsoft released Windows 10 in 2015, it marketed it as Operating System as a Service. This meant they’d update the OS with new features and improvements twice a year. In the years which followed, older PCs had a significant impact from the OS updates.

Fast-forward to 2020– I’m using a decade-old desktop computer with an aged 2nd generation Intel Core i3 CPU. Coupled with 4 GB of memory, this system is stuck in the mud.
This computer has sure stood the test of time for a long while, but it has started to show its age now. I’m on the verge of giving up on this computer— “hacks” where one disables the animations are an absolute no-go.

I started to research the final ways to make this computer pull its weight and work its way for a few more months. Thus, I landed on ✨PowerShell scripts✨ which de-bloat the computer to make it “lighter”. I gave a shot at some famous scripts. For the sake of no promotion, I wouldn’t name them here, but chances are you’re no stranger to those names. Since I frequently re-imaged my device, I asked myself the question: When will I make a script of my own?

It’s All Coming Together

Thus, I did. I started writing and learning the first bits of PowerShell scripts as I was dipping my shoes in this water. After a while, WinRice saw the light of the day. Oh, wait, be not deceived—for WinRice came at a much later day. I named the project “Win10-Script” and pushed its first commit on this day, two years ago.

When I started what is now WinRice, it was a simple and straight-forward script. It only removed and disabled quite a lot of system components and that was about it. Two years in, the script has evolved a great deal to what it is today. To describe it in one line, WinRice is a whole solution to your basic Windows automation needs. Wanna compare? - Check out the readme two years ago vs the current readme.

Thousands of lines of code and thousands of lines of documentation, hundreds of code changes, and dozens of contributions later, WinRice is stable and friendly for everyone. Thank you to all one of you who contributed to WinRice in one way or the other, I couldn’t express my gratitude enough.

Final Words

We’ve sure come a long way but make no mistake—I’m not done yet. WinRice isn’t done yet. I’m not saying that I have a solid plan for what’s coming for WinRice, but I do have certain ideas. Stay tuned to learn more!

Happy Two to all users and contributors! 🥳

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